Comics & Games by Dan Rhett

Greetings friends! New in Comics: Arbitraire Editions has just published L'Excavation d'Okidokio! This is the detailed finds list of a fantasy archeological dig. and - a double sided poster. also Ye Olde IRVINGTOME is my self published anthology of all the Irving Pottsdam stories spanning 20 years. It's more than 300 pages of supernatural comedy and adventure. Arbitraire Editions has also published some of my comics in their revues Arbitraire 10 and 11. French versions of my DANZ COMIX DIGEST and CODEX DANIER have been released in one hardback volume called CODEX COMIQUE by Arbitraire. The English versions of D.C.D. and C.D. are also available. HeroHouse is my card game for 1 - 4 players featuring cosmic beings and 56 unique combinational cards My paintings and art are in the Gallery and Cafe64 is my Homepage