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The Excavation at Okidokio
Here is an illustrated finds list from a ficticious archeological dig. Each of the 396 artifacts has a numbered b&w line drawing and maps of different scales locate the finds in relation to each other. The results are presented in a handy hardback libram.

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The Gibbon Anchlich Collection
This double-sided poster depicts more pots and cups decorated in different ways. Some are inscribed with scenes, some are decorated with shapes, and some have both scenes and shapes.

published 2016 by:
Arbitraire Éditions
BOOK: 104 pages b&w
43/4" x 613/16" $20
POSTER: double-sided b&w+tan
155/8" x 231/2"

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Haunted Adventure

A short series of comic strips involving the fearless vampyr hunter Froederick Hoffenhoffer who first appeared in 'North Country Mallet Technique'. All nine are available online. Done in 2001.


Three tales of supernatural adventure including:
  • IN THE FACE OF THE MUMMY Where Irving is cursed and kidnapped
  • NORTH COUNTRY MALLET TECHNIQUE Where Irving encounters vampyr and mysterious artifacts
  • DEMON IN THE COOKIE JAR Involving Irving's parents and the circumstaces of his birth

also included:

2014, 340 pages. $13.50

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Codex Danier

A collexion of three stories:
  • HEAVE-HO TO-NIGH where sea creature stories are told to a fellow in a boat
  • NAGA SAGA which examines those who chase nagas
  • BONOBO USURPER that follows the events surrounding a failed zoo project.
  • Done in 2008 & 2009, 96 pages. $3
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Danz Comix Digest

A collection of three stories and one vignette including: NO-K the WERE-HOG, WILD KIND, WEIRD VIGNETTE, & CAPE ABLE. Features lycanthropy, teleporting elves, a carved casket, maple syrup, and a wooden woman. Done in 2006 & 2007, 78 pages. $3
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Codex Comique

Codex Danier & Danz Comix Digest have been translated into French and published by Arbitraire Editions of Lyon. This juicy hardback sports endpapers, backmatter, TOC, and an ISBN. Released in 2013, 176 pages. €13

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